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What should I do to accept the patient
What is the international patient admission procedure?
International patient admission is done through participation between the facilitator or the patient's referral to the tourism unit or emergency unit.
In case of referral through Madgargar company, the documents will be sent by the company to the tourism unit of the hospital and the admission permit will be issued by the IPD doctor.
If the patient refers to the tourism unit, the patient is welcomed by a tourism expert and the patient's needs are examined. Then, the steps of controlling the identity and licensing of the patient's documents and confirming the health of the tourist, obtaining the patient's history by the IPD physician and the required specialized diagnosis and coordination with the specialist physician for the patient visit by the tourism expert and treatment are provided by the specialist physician.
If the patient goes to the hospital emergency department, he is admitted to the ward and after checking the daily list of emergency patients from the HIS by the IPD expert, expert and translator, they go to the emergency department and check the patient's identity documents. The IPD doctor visits the patient And completes the IHR form and after reviewing the file and compiling a report of the actions taken and entering it in the tourism tab of the file, orders a hospital stay which is followed by a tourism expert. Accept. The sanitary bag, the patient's identification bracelet and the green label are provided to the patient by the tourism expert, and then the medical / care and diagnostic services are performed according to standard principles.
In case of patient referral through the doctor's office, after checking the patient's identity and documents indicating that she is a health worker by the tourism expert, the admission process is done in coordination with the tourism expert and by the receptionist.  
What should I do to discharge the patient
What should be done to discharge the patient?

In order to discharge the patient in Hazrat Zahra (PBUH) Fariman Hospital, first the patient's discharge order is recorded by the treating physician in the file and his prescription is determined by the health tourism expert from the pharmacy.

 Medications are controlled by the tour nurse and the necessary training is provided to the patient. The patient's discharge is announced to the health tourism expert and the expert is present in the ward and performs the patient's file calculations.

The remaining amount of the patient is taken by the accounting unit of the hospital and the complete discharge of the patient is announced to the ward and the settlement slip is presented to the patient by the expert of the health tourism unit. Necessary follow-ups to transfer the patient to the desired destination are also performed by the expert in charge of the tourism unit.


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